Monday, April 16, 2012


I was going to make a cake.

 Really. I was going to make a guinness chocolate cake. With a cream cheese icing.

Really. I was!

But I was alone with my daughter, whom is very demanding and loud when she decides she WILL HAVE ALL THE ATTENTION NOW MUM.

Well, you can't exactly bake a cake with a ten month old clinging to your legs.

What you can do though is accidentally find a very simple recipe for biscotti and whip up a batch while your ten month old naps >.> ....

Thats exactly what I did. I'd never done it before. and.. well.. it seemed interesting.  I dont normally eat biscotti. Typically they want a little too much at Starbucks to make to make me want to buy one.

So there I was.. researching biscotti. Namely, how do I cut it? the recipe I'd found, (very simple) gave me no real explanation on how to do so. I found one, and was suitably educated.

But ..

I was not prepared for Crazy Biscotti Lady.

Im not sure what the fuck is going on here; but you know. I just. Nah. She dosnt really make that face ever in the video's I managed to sit through - she mostly annoyed the piss out of me, but she taught me what I sought. How to cut the biscotti.
I know a few of my mates had a few special words regarding the image - because how could I not share this with them?

Even my kid stopped and stared, her tiny brow raising in that manner she saves for what seems to be moments full of absolute "da fuq?" as she sat in my lap, wigging like the tornado of energy she inevitably is. It was a momentary pause.

After I recovered from the humor; I hobbled to the kitchen. Yes, hobbled. I managed to hurt myself, no idea how. But. whatever.

Eggs. Vanilla.. Shhooooooooooooooooommmmmmm!

I am not captioning most of these. Not till the end. It's pretty self explanatory whats going on here. IM BAKING THINGS.

So.. So they came out decently. I pulled them out too soon and turned my oven down too early - it's electric, and tends to burn things when you use it at the temp required.  They still were tasty.
Initially, these were to be a treat for home. So my husband is compelled to eat breakfast. ANYTHING. How you get by on no eats till lunch is beyond me. Whatever.

It struck me, that I wont be able to make the cake I desire to make this week. This cake is to be a birthday cake for a person the husband works with. A quirky sort of fellow; I decided to give these biscotti things to him. What better way to fancy things up then dipping them into chocolate!?

I made it with guiness stout, cocoa powder, brown sugar. pretty simple.
it's REALLY rich- I was not prepared. But together with the sweetness of the cookie, it works out.


I seriously, want to make more of these. <3

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